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About Us

We are a manufacturer of furniture based in Singapore. We assure the functionality of space by carpentry. All of our cabinets are handmade individually to meet the modern concept of an environment with furniture. With experience in the construction and installation of high-end cabinetry, we have the capabilities to take on an extensive range of carpentry projects and handle every aspect of the job from space planning, precise measurement, material preparation, fabrication, and installation of furniture, as well as on-going project management until project completion. 

Our Carpentry Workshop


Our carpentry workshop is based in Singapore. The primary objective of our workshop is furniture fabrication. We pay close attention to all carpentry details, and only quality materials are used. In combination with our traditional woodworking techniques and machinery, we can assure you that all fitted furniture in your design aspects is built to last. 

If you are interested in paying our carpentry workshop a visit or curious about how we, the carpenters, can assist you in your refurbishment project, please do not hesitate to do so. Kindly contact us for an arrangement. A visit to our carpentry workshop will allow you to have the chance to look into our on-going carpentry work as well as the materials we use for our fabrication. 

We would love the opportunity to include you in our list of clients and will be most happy to learn about how we can assist you with our carpentry products and services. Therefore if you have any questions in mind or interested in scheduling an on-site consultation with us, contact us at your most convenience. All queries are most welcome. 

Our beliefs

The benefit of benefiting our valuable clients with good carpentry service at affordable rates has always been our primary concern throughout our carpentry journey. 

Established with a passion for carpentry work, our carpenters understand that reasonable pricing and quality matter to you, and we acknowledge that custom carpentry comes at a higher price. We pride ourselves on our craft and service responsibilities. Therefore maintaining consistently high-quality craft throughout all stages of work is essential. We believe that trust and honesty stand out. The best advertising is word of mouth and, that's how carpentry should be.